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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Sets of Cuppies..

(Chocolate Moist Cupcakes & Buttercream)
100pcs of mini cuppies..
Pack in 10s...
Pn sharifah wanted to sell it at her school buka puasa booth..
She pick it up yesterday afternoon at 3:30pm..

(Chocolate Moist Cupcakes & Buttercream)
Pn Norzu's 16 pcs of cuppies..
Just for makan²..
I will send this set this evening at Hotel Singgahsana..
Pn Norzu will be breaking her fast there..


Shais said...

salam nad,

sibuk yer...banyak tempahan.
raya balik mana?

MISS NAD said...

salam shais,

hehe..yup..bnyk juga tempahan..
tapi Xde la busy mana..
sbb still boleh masak utk hubby berniaga kat pasar ramadhan..
masak utk berbuka & bersahur..

raya ni balik hubby punya kg..perak..lepas tu melaka..my dad's side..my mom mmg asal PJ.. :D